A downloadable game for Windows

Galactic Defence


  • Left mouse button and drag to select units
  • Right mouse button to move selected units
  • Zoom - Mouse scroll
  • Move Camera - Hold mouse scroll and move mouse
  • Rotate Camera - Hold LEFT SHIFT and mouse scroll wheel and move mouse
  • With units selected press 'F' to follow them


  • Tutorial that explains how to play
  • 2 separate game-modes (Endless and Beacon)
  • Ship and Ability Unlock system
  • Ship upgrade system
  • Global highscores (for each game mode)
  • Multiple ship types - each with different characteristics
  • Persistent upgrade / Save system


Galactic Defence is a Real Time Strategy game with Tower defence elements. You must control your fleet of starships to defend your planet from the malicious enemy ships. When an enemy is destroyed resources are dropped, with these resources you can recruit new members into your fleet. Enemies also have a small chance to drop Scrap, which can be used to purchase new ship types and abilities from within the Hangar (these upgrades will remain on your account until you reset!)

Endless Mode

In the endless game mode the objective is simple, survive for as long as you can. Using your resources wisely can you defend your planet from the waves of malicious enemy ships?

The longer you survive the faster the enemies come. Make sure to spend your scrap in the Hangar by upgrading your ships to survive even longer!

Beacon Mode

In the Beacon game mode, there is an additional challenge. Whilst defending your planet you must try to destroy the enemy beacons / towers. Once these towers have been destroyed you win!


GalacticDefence.zip 56 MB